His Story Of The World

In His Story of the World, L’Histoire du Monde, Gerald weaves events from world history with mainly African and Caribbean cultures, mythologies, and intriguing storylines. He incorporates a compelling narrative that takes the reader on a unique journey where he travels into the unknown with Steven by his side. Wanda is on his side. Gerald tells untold stories about a person that remembers his past lives in ancient forgotten civilizations. He goes on a quest to reveal everything hidden about himself and the forgotten history of this world.

This book is comprehensive in scope and inspiring in its insights and explores how people of the far-flung diaspora reconnect with their long-lost roots. The main character learns how to journey into the past and finds hidden secrets lost in modern times. Along the way, he meets many characters that will carry echoes of figures who were, until now, lost to history. This Journey and his discovery of forgotten knowledge is an eternal testament to the folly of humanity, the disclosure of hidden secrets, and the secret purpose of our planet. HIS STORY OF THE WORLD, L’HISTOIRE DU MONDE, is the product of the insights of not just one. Still, many lifetimes and many of Gerald’s works are true stories and innate memories that stretch back further than the written word.

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